Sample Poems

Here are some examples of commissioned poems, for various occasions.


 Congratulations Jenny and Mike
8 years engaged – it’s been a long hike!
From when you met in the Surrey hills
To Yorkshire’s dark satanic mills. 

Mike’s a genius on the computer
Jenny has yet to find what will suit her;
She’s done every job from PA to selling
What next? Even Jenny’s not telling! 

These two fit together hand in glove
We wish them joy – and everlasting love.

Thanks Lesley so much for our wedding surprise! We have framed the poem to remind us of our lovely day!”  Jenny & Mike ( Mr & Mrs Daley!)



An apple for the teacher? Oh no not today
We’ve got a poem just for you – to celebrate the day
We’ve really loved you teaching us
You’ve taught us all a lot – you’ve made us laugh,
You’ve made us smart –  y
ou’ve really hit the spot.

You’ve taught us how to do exams
And make sure we don’t’ fail
You’ve taught us that a man can wear a curly ponytail!
So Mr Sleeman – you’re a he – man that we all admire
You love to run, have lots of fun, and set our minds on fire

So thanks, God bless from class 2S, from;
Arwell, Tom and Leo ,Joseph and Elliot, Ashwin and Jack
Annabel, Aryen and Theo.
Max ‘n’ Jackson, Louis and Josh
Will miss your teaching sadly
As will Jayden, Sasha, Jeremy
And not forgetting Hadley

And so to end this little ditty
It’s good luck from one and all
It’s cheers to you It’s cheers to us
And three cheers for Milbourne Lodge School!!

Really hit the spot! ” Jennifer Riley – parent Milbourne Lodge



Emma – shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Or maybe that’s not quite my way…
I’m not much good at things like this,
But you’re the girl I want to kiss
The girl I want to love forever
And tell the world that we’re together
If you’ll accept my football craze ,
Then I’ll forgive your funny ways;
The way you stop me when I booze,
The way you keep on buying shoes
The way you hate it when I smoke,
And try to top me when I joke
I could go on…and on and on
Could even sing your favourite song
But what I really want to say
Is that I love you every day
And always will in every way
I’m asking you to share my life

Dear Emma – will you be my wife?

Loved it! ” The Proposers  



Hi Jo and Dave – the meal you gave was really quite divine
What sumptuous fare all served with care
And even pudding wine!
We dined like Kings on gorgeous things
And supped and ate our fill
So thank you both with love and peace
In the season of goodwill.

” Thanks for giving us the best thank you card ever! Will use your services again. “ The  Ransomes

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